Uneasy, they say, “lies the head that wears the crown,” As it stands, things seem to be falling apart; the center cannot hold anarchy lets loose upon the country by all kinds of destabilizing forces, including remorseless inflation, and tormenting fuel and food prices increase that seems to have to end in sight.

What happened in the capital city yesterday, when commercial vehicles owners held the city to ransom by packing their vehicles, causing the economy to grind to a virtual halt, clearly showed that the President is in a dilemma as to how to deal effectively and satisfactorily, from the citizens point of view, with the myriad governance and economy challenges that the state and its people face.

It was expected by the citizenry that after his almost two weeks overseas trips, after the President return home to be greeted by black out in the city and shortage of fuel in the country, he would have come out with an address to the nation explaining what had gone wrong and how the government is working towards addressing them.