Sierra Leone’s President, Dr Julius Maada Bio, has on an interview with the BBC revealed the reason why he traveled to London.

The big reveal came at the end of the interview when BBC’s Audrey Brown putted forward to him that In spite of the hardship that the people are experiencing, he keeps going on expensive foreign visits which the people say there is very little to show for these trips.

In responding to this, President Julius Maada Bio revealed that he was not keeping too well so he had to do medical checks and that was why he went to London in the first place.

But being that, that was not his first time on such trips and how it has got to his people, Senior presenter for focus on Africa, Audrey Brown asked whether he would consider curbing this trips in solidarity with the people that are experiencing hardship in his country.

His response was that there are essential trips he has to make as head of state ; co-share at the United Nations General Assembly with the United Nations Secretary General, being at UNESCO a month ago etc, stressing that these are essential services to the country.

He therefore concluded that for people to characterize it as expensive foreign trip is wrong.

BBC had Sierra Leone’s President on its Focus on Africa program due to the violent protest that happened in the country two days ago.

A Protest of a scale never seen in Sierra Leone since the 1980’s, which sparked comments from the International Community as they condemned the act and called for the government to do proper investigations.

The government of Sierra Leone has announced to hold thorough investigations and bring those responsible to account.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans are calm as they wait for the President to address the Nation today Friday 12th August at 8:00pm.