The failed President Julius Maada Bio, now regarded as a ‘One-Term-President’ has executed another blatant hypocritical politics of the highest order.

The double-standard hypocrisy that has consistently punctuated the political trail of the SLPP government continues unabated. This broad daylight politics of hypocrisy no longer surprised the people of Sierra Leone even though President Bio strenuously perceives himself as a believer in democracy and a champion of human rights. All peace-loving Sierra Leoneans however believe that President Bio rules with hate, wickedness, and vengeance against political opponents and critical citizens. The President’s deceptive politics has even been found out by global partners as being undemocratic, untrue, and misleading. The recent unprecedented actions taken by the European Union EU and the World Bank against the illegal SLPP Mid-Term Census are classic instances of the negative perception now held and how President Bio’s SLPP regime is viewed from afar. (Photo: Mr.  Kamarainba was arrested because he was the most outspoken critic of President Bio’s tyranny).

The New Year’s Day Presidential Pardon pronounced by President Bio when he pardoned 43 prisoners in total including five female inmates and 38 male prisoners was obviously good news for the culprits and their families who are delighted. But the victims and families of this criminality are visibly distraught. Many of those pardoned are career criminals, murderers who have been let loose in the communities without any iota of knowing whether they have been properly rehabilitated or have thoroughly expressed remorse for their heinous crimes. Freeing such hardened criminals into society would definitely impact the health and safety of the wider society. Do doubt, the safety of ordinary citizens would be at risk, but the hypocritical dimension associated with the Presidential Pardon on January 1, 2022, is what, unfortunately, making headlines in and outside the country.

In as much as the Presidential Pardon gave delight to some Sierra Leoneans, there are many other ordinary citizens who are questioning the logic of this latest Presidential Pardon. Observers believe the Presidential Pardon was not done justly, genuinely, and honestly because it was primarily executed for public relations reasons to boost President Bio’s democratic credentials. “What President Bio did was the hypocrisy of the year. His vengeful and bad-heart governance in the SLPP government is still reverberating in the country nearly four years in power. We see no reason why our leader Mr Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, who has been detained for politically motivated reasons, was ignored again in the Presidential Pardon,” members of the Alliance Democratic Party ADP confided in disgust yesterday.

The ADP leader Mr Kamarainba, who contested the 2018 Presidential Elections that was controversially won by President Bio, has been in jail for almost two years now on the ridiculous charges of rape which the majority of Sierra Leoneans know was politically motivated. And despite being granted bail a few months ago by a High Court Judge in Freetown, the incarcerated political prisoner Mr Kamarainba has been refused freedom even though he has fulfilled all the stiff bail conditions demanded in court. It is understood that ‘Orders from Above’ specifically from the Offices of the President and the First Lady Fatima Jabbe Bio, gave strict instructions to the most corrupt Chief Justice in Sierra Leone’s history

Desmond Babatunde Edwards that the ADP politician should not be released no matter what. Last year, Fatima Jabbe Bio aka ‘Mob Justice’ proudly boasted that as long as she is the First Lady of Sierra Leone Mr Kamarainba would rot in prison. True to her words, the sickly Kamarainba is still suffering in jail.

Citizens, as appalled as they are in this ongoing miscarriage of justice against the ADP leader, are not astonished when this year’s Presidential Pardon ignored Mr Kamarainba. On January 1st, 2021, an opposition politician from the main opposition APC party Mr Alfred Palo Conteh was given a Presidential Pardon in another ridiculous treason matter that was thrown out of the High Court due to lack of concrete evidence. “We are just consoled that the continuous persecution of our leader Kamarainba by the draconian SLPP regime is making him more popular by the hour. This is the irony of Mr Kamarainba’s prolonged imprisonment. While the government is trying to silence Kamarainba, his imprisonment is speaking louder today than ever before. President Bio is playing vengeance politics against our leader because he did refuse to join the ruling SLPP government and had consistently criticised the undemocratic agenda of President Bio. Unlike our then Deputy ADP leader Mrs Isata Abdulai Kamara who was recruited by President Bio to be the Minister North West in the SLPP regime, Isata is a disgrace and a traitor to our ADP party. We believe God will protect our leader in jail,” the angry ADP party supporters and members told the Organizer newspaper. More details are as follows -:

Where are the Human Rights under Bio’s New Direction? Asks Sall Tee Jay, Publisher The Times SL Newspaper

It is clear that the New Direction Government of President Julius Maada Bio no longer believes to be working with the 1991 Constitution. Section 23 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, talks about the presumption of innocence! But to the New Direction Government and Sierra Leone Judiciary that Section has already been disregarded because a man standing trial on allegation of sexual penetration has been deliberately denied bail by the Sierra Leone Judiciary on flimsy grounds. I used the word “denied bail” because how can a man, granted bail by a competent court of law and still find himself in prison. Is that fair in our human rights records? Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray is a suspect and not a convict. But he is being treated as a convict. Is it fair for a senior citizen like Kamarainba to be treated like a criminal even when he is still innocent as per the 1991 Constitution! President Bio has pardoned a man who was convicted for the killing of one of Sierra Leone’s finest Disc Jockey in the person of D.J. Cliff. Today, DJ Cliff is out of prison on a Presidential Pardon whilst Kamarainba who is still innocent as per the 1991/Constitution is languishing in prison with poor health. Is President Bio waiting to hear the death of Kamarainba before he can intervene and ensure justice is delivered? (Photo: President Bio, left, loves hardened criminals and killers. LAC and other SLPP party murderers have been pardoned).

Popular Herbalist LAC Gets Presidential Pardon

By Mohamed Konneh

A waiting white four-runner vehicle that was parked outside the Pademba Road Maximum Prison was quick to pick up popular Herbalist Mbaimb Moiforay aka LAC after being released from Prison. Mbaimba Moiforay is among 43 inmates pardoned under the Presidential Prerogative of Mercy for the year 2022. LAC was quick to leave the scene in his private vehicle that was waiting outside the Prison perimeter gate.  The popular herbalist convicted for murder in 2016, walked out of the prison gate as a free man and was allowed to go home after being pardoned. LAC has been behind bars for the last six years after he was convicted for the murder of popular Disc Jockey, Henry David Sydney Buckle, aka DJ Clef.  This year’s Presidential Pardon witnesses the release of 43 inmates, five female, and 38 Male. 160 inmates were pardoned this year with 43 allowed to go home while 117 that were on Death Row were committed to life imprisonment.

Popular Herbalists LAC is among those released after his murder conviction (Death Sentence) was committed to life imprisonment in 2020. He is today a free man after walking out of the Pademba Road Prison gate on 1st January 2022 pardon under the Prerogative of Mercy. Mbaimba Moiforay, aka LAC’s conviction, was ignited after he was accused of killing popular Disc Jockey, Henry David Sydney Buckle, a.k.a. DJ Clef in 2015. DJ Clef decomposed corpse was found abandoned at the Murray Town-Macauley Street Cemetery on 25 May 2015 before it was swiftly taken to Pa Loko, Waterloo, where an Ebola Cemetery was created for burial. The deceased got missing after attending a birthday party organised by Avril. Orehbola Renner at the residence of Mbaimba Moiforay alias LAC on 22 May 2015! LAC was slammed 25 years jail term on guilty verdict of conspiracy and the death penalty for murder. The third accused Avril Renner was acquitted and discharged.