Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada has been conferred with the prestigious Governance Leadership Award at the Rebranding Africa Forum conference, held in Brussels on October 20th and 21st, 2023.

In a moment filled with appreciation and honor, President Bio graciously accepted the award and shared his sentiments.

He stated, “I am deeply honored, humbled, and thankful to the Rebranding Africa Forum for conferring me with the 2023 Governance Leadership Award.”

The President went on to emphasize the significance of such awards in recognizing the collective efforts and dedication of individuals and communities, saying, “Awards like this stand as a constant reminder that the road ahead might be long, arduous, and torturous, but it is one worth traveling for the sake of the present and future generations of Sierra Leoneans.”

He stressed the importance of collaboration and unity in achieving progress and positive change, noting that this award is a testament to the collective efforts of those who share a commitment to important causes.

President Bio dedicated the honor to those who have dedicated their lives to the principles and values guiding their work, with a special focus on inspiring future generations. He remarked, “It is to them and to the future generation we strive to inspire that I dedicate this honor.”

Acknowledging the challenges facing Sierra Leone and the continent, he expressed his commitment to addressing these challenges and the ongoing journey toward a brighter and more just future.

He stated, “This award is not the culmination of our journey but a milestone toward a brighter and more just future for our people. I pledge to remain committed to the ideals that have brought us thus far.

In closing, President Bio accepted the award with a renewed commitment to the values and principles guiding his leadership in public service. He emphasized the importance of facing the trials of our time with resilience, compassion, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

The Governance Leadership Award recognizes President Bio’s dedication to improving governance and leadership in Sierra Leone and his commitment to fostering positive change for the nation and its people.