An Old woman, Madam Margaret Yegbeh Koroma, who sat to the NPSE exam in 2020, now chasing the age of seventy (70) at the Congo Water community, East of Freetown, said based on her experience and the psychological conflict and situation of supporters’ mind in politics as an old Woman in Sierra Leone, has called on the two major political heads, President Julius Maada Bio (SLPP) and former President Ernest Bai Koroma (APC) including their supporters in the country, to love each other with God, for the country’s children yet unborn and the present.

Awoko reports that the Old woman first offered some prayers by reciting it in Krio local dialect. She said “Daddy God na heaven, wi tell you tenki for wi life dem en even for we president dem, President Maada Bio en former President Ernest Bai Koroma. Papa God ar wan mek den see reason mek dem kam together, so dat den go rule ya wae we sef go live happy. Ar di ask you Papa God mek you gee dem one mind, one sense, one focus Papa-whatever plan di devil plan against den two President ya, da devil de, wi stand against am, in Jesus name. Ar wass (wash) am in da blood of Jesus Papa God.”

Finishing her recitation of prayer at her resident, the old woman said that President Bio is her President for today (now) and yesterday (before) was former President Koroma. She appealed on behalf of the country, that they should come together.

She added saying “Please I want you to make peace in the mind. If we as a citizens of Sierra Leone are happy, all of you would be happy as well. But if you are not happy, we also would not be happy citizens. Please do not consider any other distractions from supporters. Please President Bio call President Koroma during the Christmas Eve and say to him ‘happy Christmas’. And you Former President Ernest Bai Koroma say Happy Christmas to President Bio please.

She narrated in the local Krio dialect of Sierra Leone some parables (adage) by saying “You nor go burn Os (house) for kill one Mosquito for pwel you Os. En sef teeth di bet (bite) tongue, e go pull blood but nor go cut am komot. E de take courage. E nor go pull tongue na in mouth becos e don bet am. Still e de de, en di take courage to dem sef. Na so salone wi for de. Wi for love we sef, stop hatred en kam together”.