President Bio has on the 3rd May, 2023 launched the National Payment Switch (NPS) 2023 which marked the beginning of a new era in internal banking as well as a total improvement in the financial service delivery as compared to the rest of the developed nations in the world.

The launch takes place at the staff recreation complex at the bank of Sierra Leone in Freetown.

In his statement at the launch, President Bio stated that the launch of the NPS was a completion of one of the plans of his new direction government plans in promoting and improving the economic growth in the nation there by competing with other nations in the world respectively.

He emphasised that, the launch of the NPS is the adoption of E-commerce and citizens in remote communities as they do not need to incur more financial constraints in accessing government and other services.

With the new National Payment Switch, rural populations can now make financial transactions using electronic card payments or other digital financial tools without enduring time-consuming and expensive trips to the nearest financial services center.

I’m glad to have completed this project within my first tern as it has been a core priority of my administration from the start of our tenure in office. The speed at which we pushed for its completion should be taken as yet another sign of our dedicated “Tok and Do” commitment to the transformation of our beloved country.

We remain resolute in our efforts towards improving the lives of every sierra Leonean, and creating the right environment for businesses to grow and thrive” he maintained.

President Bio thanked the World Bank for sharing their vision and the generous support in implementing this project in Sierra Leone.