President Bio has shared his development strives over the five years for which he believed that, his government has moved the country from the ‘’New Direction’’ to staying in the ‘’Right Direction’’.

He made this assertion as part of his unscheduled stop at Tei Village, in Bonthe District on Sunday 2nd April, 2023. He said his interaction with the people do normally give him deeper appreciation of the impact and legacy of their ‘’ Fit-For-Purpose Free Quality School Education (FQSE) program” which he launched in 2018 when he took power.

‘’ The people of Tei Village are hardworking, utilizing their arable farmland and marine resources sustainability. Their success stories have inspired me and we have extended microcredit to help in scaling production and creating more jobs and wealth for the people. Our vision of bringing Agricultural transformation and rural development across Sierra Leone is on course and the success is being felt across different parts of the country’’. He noted.