His Excellency Brig. Rtd. Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the President of Sierra Leone, reiterated the government’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding journalists and upholding the freedom of the press.

In a recent address, President Bio declared, “In Sierra Leone, journalists and the practice of journalism are jealously protected.”

Emphasizing a steadfast commitment to supporting and defending journalists, President Bio highlighted the significant strides made in the past five years to ensure the protection and liberation of the media space. “My word to protect journalists and unshackle the space for free speech has been my bond,” he affirmed.

He went on to assure the nation that his administration remains resolute in preserving press freedom, intending to establish Sierra Leone as an exemplar of this fundamental pillar of democracy.

Under President Bio’s leadership, Sierra Leone has seen tangible efforts to foster an environment conducive to a free and independent press. The government has implemented measures to safeguard journalists against intimidation, censorship, and other forms of interference, aiming to create a conducive atmosphere for open discourse and transparency.

President Bio’s commitment to bolstering press freedom comes at a crucial time when ensuring a vibrant and unrestricted media landscape is pivotal for the nation’s democratic development. The pledge to further enhance the liberties of journalists and fortify free speech echoes the government’s recognition of the vital role played by the media in promoting accountability, transparency, and public engagement.

The President’s reaffirmation of support for journalists and the press marks a pivotal step in advancing the country’s democratic principles and fostering an atmosphere where the media can thrive, ensuring that Sierra Leone remains a shining example of a robust and free press within the African continent.