President Bio has outlined an ambitious strategy to breathe new life into the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI), with the primary objective of elevating productivity and competitiveness within the agricultural sector.

Chief Dixon, a revered authority in Sierra Leone’s Agricultural Sector, has lauded the President’s vision, highlighting the transformative potential of this initiative.

Dixon emphasized, โ€œPresident Bio wants to bring back SLARI_2007 to its glory days, because he believes that with our intervention, we can enhance productivity along the whole value chain, add value, create links to markets and become competitive

Dixon confirmed that President Bio’s vision for SLARI_2007 encompasses a comprehensive revitalization effort, designed to rejuvenate the institution and its associated value chain. He asserts that this endeavor will not only lead to increased productivity but will also forge critical market links, positioning Sierra Leone for heightened competitiveness on the global stage.

Dixon’s endorsement of the President’s plan underscores the significance of this revitalization endeavor. With a strong emphasis on value addition and a commitment to fortify the entire value chain, President Bio’s strategy promises a brighter future for SLARI and the broader agricultural sector.

This initiative underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to fortifying the nation’s agricultural capabilities, underpinning its commitment to economic growth and sustainable development. President Bio’s resolute determination to resurrect SLARI is met with eager anticipation and optimism as it paves the way for a more competitive and productive agricultural landscape.