The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has recently confirmed the receipt of a substantial number of reprinted Voter Registration Cards, totaling 19,612.

A comprehensive breakdown of this figure reveals that the reprinted cards are divided into different categories.

Among these categories, Nominated Candidates account for the largest share, with a total of 4,779 cards issued specifically for them.

Additionally, a significant number of cards, amounting to 11,302, have been allocated for citizens who have recently relocated.

Furthermore, 3,301 cards have been reprinted for individuals who previously lacked a photograph on their original cards. Lastly, a small number of 230 cards have been printed to cater to those who have requested a transfer of their voting registration.

In response to this development, the EC-SL has announced that the reprinted cards will be promptly distributed at the Commission’s District Offices throughout the country. The distribution process is set to commence tomorrow, June 22nd, and will run until June 24th, 2023. (