Following the announcement of his developmental activities since 2018 to date, coupled with the recently completed conferences of his party, Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) on its plans for the June 2023 elections, President Bio is quite confident of his win at the polls.

The president made this assertion while calling on the party members to be united to make the right decision and influence the people to vote for the party for a second term.

‘’I assured our great SLPP family that we have done enough work to go into the June 2023 election as a UNITED and FORMIDABLE force.’’, He said.

He furthered that the developmental track record will help the party gain more votes for a second mandate.

With the strategic work plans and many other things being put in place by the party, the SLPP also believe that the people of Sierra Leone will give them a second chance to run the country.

Meanwhile, the president has also reaffirmed his commitment to peace and unity within his party and the nation at large.

‘’As the leader of our great party, I reaffirmed my mantra of UNITY and PEACE over RANCOUR and BICKERING. As the oldest political party movement in Sierra Leone, the SLPP was founded on NATION-FIRST, Unity and Progress principles’’, He said.