Sierra Leone’s president, Julius Maada Bio spoke to Aljazeera about the deadly protests against his government and his bid to bring back peace and stability in the country.

Earlier this month, violence erupted in Freetown, and Northern parts of the country, as hundreds of people took to the streets in frustration at the economic hardship they are struggling with. The Protests turned violent and led to several deaths of police officers and civilians.

In the Talk to Aljazeera program, President Bio discussed about the deadly anti-government protests, the perpetrators of the violence and his vows to bring them to books, the economical crises Sierra Leoneans are battling with, and the measure his government has put in place to solve some of these problems and ameliorate the sufferings of Sierra Leone.

He also spoke about next year’s general elections and why Sierra Leoneans should reelect him as president.

As Sixty percent of Sierra Leoneans live in poverty, and the increasing cost of living is worsening, the question here is; will there be an end to the violence before next year’s general elections?

Watch President Julius Maada Bio, Talks to Aljazeera below: