First Lady,ย  Fatima Maada Bio, on n May 28th, 2023, paid a visit, to the leadership of the Kono Traders Union. During her visit, she interacted with the Gbense Market women and discussed President Bio’s second-term manifesto promises, focusing specifically on women’s empowerment.

The Gbense Market holds the distinction of being the largest market in the Kono District. Over the past five years, the First Lady, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, has played a crucial role in its development. She has spearheaded various initiatives, including the construction of sanitary facilities, the provision of electricity, and the provision of financial aid to small-scale traders.

Osman Fofanah, Chairman of the Kono Traders Union, praised the First Lady for her visit, emphasizing that it signifies the government’s concern for traders. He expressed gratitude to the First Lady for her contributions, which included the donation of solar lights, toilet facilities, and financial assistance to the market women in the district.

We are thankful to the government for the peace we now experience in our district, as without peace, our businesses would suffer.”He stated, ”

Fatima Bio highlighted that the New Direction government is focused on the welfare of the people and is dedicated to fostering a conducive environment for business growth. She urged the district to maintain peace and unity, urging them to vote for President Bio and the SLPP party to consolidate achievements and further expand his vision for Sierra Leone.