Prominent but mentally disorder man, Mohamed Joshua Cole popularly known as Blacker has recently spotted spreading the word of God after he gave his life to Christ two weeks ago.

Weeks ago, the prominent man had an issue with the law and was charged to court for using insultive words to the first gentle man in the Republic of Sierra Leone. Few days after he was granted bail, Blacker was spotted in church one said and declared that he has given his life to Christ.

Faith doesn’t come to humans just by claiming to have faith. It has to do with us practicing the doctrines and if ideology of the religion. In the effort to make heaven while here on Earth, Blacker has joined in the fellowship and the preaching of the Gospel to the believers and unbelievers.

On a video recently posted of him, Blacker was reading the bible, book of Genesis chapter 1. He was quoting the word of God to his listeners in his quest to win more souls for Christ, and interpreting exactly what the message means from God. “and God said, let there be light and there was light….” Blacker quoted.