Mohamed Mansaray popularly known as blacker has been tortured by some SLPP thugs for a protest he did with his friends some time ago, against the Government.

According to blacker, he went to Lungi to see the Vice President, Juldeh Jalloh, when he heard that he was in Lungi, but upon seeing him, the OSD that were with the Vice President, identified him as the person that protested against the Government and wanted to hold him but the Vice President told them to let him go.

Blacker continued that after the Vice President had left, he went home and suddenly saw men in Hilux that came with cutlass in his home and cut him on the head, his arm, fingers and his leg. He furthered that, they asked him why he protested against the government and that if he did not know that the president will be in power for twenty years.

Blacker added that they forced him to wear the green clothes and threatened to kill him if he refused to do as they say.

Pa me ar dae suffer, before den for be lef me so leh ar die wantem. Me if na die right now ar dae go buy arata poison leh ar drink am, ar dae suffer right now, look me condition. Blacker cried in pain.