As Members of Parliament debates on the 2022 Public Election Bill, a total blackout engulfs the well of Parliament due to power cut.

In surprise, Members of Parliament burst out with loud singing and chanting of the Sierra Leone’s President’s Name Maada Bio.

“Maada Biooooooo, Maada Bioaaaaaaa, Maada Biooooooo, Maada Bioaaaaaaa, Maada Biooooooo, Maada Bioaaaaaaa” they sang.

This is the second time this year the Sierra Leone Parliament have experienced black out.

It could be recalled that about four months ago Parliament experienced shortage of electricity coincidentally when MPs were discussing the reasons for shortage of electricity in the capital and other parts of the country and how this issue can be resolved.

Honorable Abdul Karim Kamara who is the Deputy Chairman of Youth Affairs Committee in the House of Parliament and Member Of Parliament for 059 Constituency, North-West Region was addressing the shortage of light when the Well of Parliament experience power cut.

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