The Press Secretary to the President, Solomon Jamiru is going to have an important engagement with some bloggers who they believe are in the position to sell the good image of Sierra Leone.

The scheduled meeting with bloggers today in State House cannot be unconnected to the dire and commitment of the government in promoting open governance so that the people get the information they need about the government.

According to Jamiru, bloggers are not going to be left out noting that he is calling them for a meeting to see how his office would work with them just like the mainstream media institutions government has been working closely with over the years. He said the works of bloggers in the country cannot be under estimated considering their influence on society. “I recognize the role of bloggers, and this orientation is very important”, he said, promising that the government of President Bio would come out with a comprehensive program to incorporate bloggers into the system.

He informed that he is working on modalities to include sign language interpreters for the benefit of the disable.

It could be recalled that President Bio honored his manifesto promise of repealing the rotten Criminal Libel law and went as far as hosting the media in cocktails during his first term in office. His government has assured Journalists of its fullest cooperation and continued relationship in his second term in State House.