Prominent female politician, Dr. Sylvia Blyden has shed light on the shooting to death of the Operational Support Division Regional Coordinator in the North-East Regional headquarters town of Makeni, ASP Mathew Moiwah Gbanya aka “Boyka” in the late hours of Saturday 8 April 2023.

She stated, according to a report from her competent source in Makeni, Boyka was killed by an unknown sniper from a distance, using what seemed to be a powerful machine gun.

She said a single gunshot was heard from somewhere and Boyka dropped with blood oozing from his upper parts.

Dr. Blyden stated that the police officer Killing was a professional assassination.

An assassin(s) that have/had been deployed. Who deployed the assassin?” She asked.

The politician continued that anyone who listened to Adebayor’s (a notorious social media commentator) one-hour audio broadcast on Saturday morning should not be surprised at the killing in Makeni.

But When you have a Maada Bio government that has not learned anything from August 2022 and which dismisses my ALARMS on the broadcast of Adebayor, this is the outcome,” Dr. Blyden stated.

She concluded by urging the public to go and listen to the said audio broadcast by Adebayor.