Bo City Council declared Saturday, September 30 as cleaning day. The move by the local council was done in order to maintain cleanliness in Sierra Leone’s second city.

The general cleaning exercise is done periodically to ensure a clean and pollution free environment within the city.

The council has encouraged residents to fully participate in the exercise, as it urged owners of filthy garages, drainages, empty unkept plots of land, and those with overgrown grasses/bushes in and around their premises/houses and offices/business places, to come out and clean them thoroughly.

The general public, non- governmental organizations, commercial, government and private vehicles and motorcycle owners have been warned to stay clear off the streets of bo city from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm on saturday 30th September, 2023.

Parents/guardians have also been encouraged to advise their children/ward(s) to desist from using the streets as football fields during the cleaning period.

The Council warned that anyone caught violating the cleaning day regulations, according to the council, shall be coerced to work.

They said the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), the military and the city’s Metropolitan Police will be on patrol to enforce the exercise.

Periodic cleaning of city is considered to a tradition for residents. Bo City is arguably considered to be the cleanest city in Sierra Leone with locals attributing the feat largely to the periodic cleaning.