The Environmental Protection Agency- EPA has embarked on a visitation check to the Koidu limited and Socfin Agricutral Company In Kono District And Sahn Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District.

They reported that, the the visit was aimed at getting an insight into how the how these companies carry out their operations in compliance with environmental policies and their social obligations.

Dr. Alfred Morie Saffa, the Board Director, stated that it is their responsibility as a Board to provide such policy guidance and advice as will ensure the efficient overall performance of the agency’s functions pursuant to Section 9(2) of the EPA Act of 2022 and that the perusal of periodic reports and reviews, combined with such visits, allows them to gain a better understanding of the agency’s operations and effectiveness in regulating its proponents.

He further stated that the agency, as mandated by its Act and guided by its Transformation Strategy (2024-20230), is on a trajectory to establish itself as a catalyst for environmental innovation, solutions, and talent generation by 20230. The thematic pillars and enablers aim to address challenges identified concerning operations, international legal obligations, and acceptable environmental requirements.

With these, the social and environmental health difficulties that proponents commonly confront with communities in concession regions can be mitigated, if not eliminated.

The heads and representatives of the two proponents appreciated the visitation, presented their corporate, environmental health, and safety presentations, and expounded on their operations, challenges, and means to execute their corporate social responsibilities (CSRs).

The Director of Field Operations and Extensions, Alfred Jondie, acknowledged their commitment to environmental compliance, encouraged them to improve on their public and community relations role to the locals, embark on more CRS in their communities, and keep the locals as engaged as possible in their operations.

They expressed commitment to working closely with the dictates of the agency.