Staff of Bollore Company at the Freetown Terminal, Queen Elizabeth Quay, have on Monday 4th April 2022, discontinued their work, in protest, over non-payment of their benefit.

These workers alleged that they worked for BOLORE for about 11 years before the company was sold to another company called MSC.

In this circumstance, the  workers demanded for their 11 years benefit, claiming that BOLORE Company has been sold to MSC.

They claimed that the Management of the Company has proposed to make payment in the year 2023. But the workers on the other hand, have expressed fears that before that time MSC would have sold to another company who may not pay them.

President of the Dock Workers Union, Ferdinand Valentine, called for calm among his co-workers and urged them to exercise patience, for according to him, he is in touch with management of MSC. He ended by stating that they will not return to work until their demands are met.

Amadu B. Mansaray, another worker at the Quay, claimed that the new Company (MSC) hadn’t any plan to pay them their benefits which they have worked for over the years, rather he said they had plans to leave town and sell the Company to another company before the proposed date (2023) for payment of their benefits.

Operator at the Quay Eric Annan, described his salary as a pittance, noting that has three children and a family to look after. However, Anna said he is satisfied with his salary and is determined to work diligently for the Company, but looks forward to the payment of his benefit in order for him to do something meaningful with what he will receive as benefit.

In his own remarks, General Manager, MSC Company, Nicolas Escalin revealed that the will convene a meeting and Management will soon disclose their position on the issue.