As today Tuesday 5 July 2022 Marks his Birthday and also the day for his next court appearance Boss LA has in a post on Social Media sends Birthday message to himself from prison

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Dear Friends and Fans,

Today marks another birthday celebration for me. It is also the day for my next appearance in court. This moment will be spent reflecting and meditating on the many blessings Almighty Allah has granted me – most important of all is His precious gift of life.

I look forward to joining all soon for the celebration. Every night, I long for the moment we get to meet soon. Please continue to keep me in your prayers and be assured that the charges against me are untrue and do not reflect who or what I represent. I thank my legal team, friends, RFM fans and family for their support in this matter.

I stand against any form of tribalism or any attempt to politicize my matter. As a peace-loving citizen of this country, I am urging all those supporting me to remain peaceful and respect the law.

Please continue to vote for my favorite Housemate #23, Karafilo.

Stay blessed!