Boss La’s Brother, Ishmail Rappish Bah has recently made a social media post about reaching out to  Asmma James  to settle out of court  and see how best they find a lasting solution towards the controversy surrounding  his brother  .

According to Ishmail, the post surrounds everything their immediate family has done to get LA in the right path….

He started by thanking Boss LA for his bold step to acknowledge his wrong and apologize publicly to Mrs  James and every Sierra Leonean within 24 hours, he stated that’s exactly what he was expecting from him, and he hope Mrs James and Sierra Leoneans will accept his apology.

He emphasized that the fact is people don’t know what been going on behind close doors, this goes with ever family, even, a lot you people  are saying their opinions, which i have no control over, i don’t blame the people who says he should’ve talk to LA privately or him going against his own blood,. He started that to be sincere people have no idea including the closest people you can think are around us.

He pointed out that it doesn’t matter how close your kabal to you, but there are certain things they don’t know, because one wants that privacy, there is nothing in this world that he has not done yet to get LA focus, he meant absolutely nothing he asserted.

He further stated that Since 2018, Ishmail and his two two sisters have been going back and forth to Sierra Leone to encourage him to return back to America.  He explain that LA will tell us to book his ticket, and when it time to go, he will disappear and no where to be found, this has happened three times, so that led people to believe that he’s deported, and i guess he guess he feels so comfortable with that, while  his family hurting by seeing all sorts of people calling him names.

One  major thing he confirmed  is that LA don’t know or separate family from friends and enemies. As a family, they have  tried to be as close as they can be just to monitor his movement and things he does.

He stated that the siblings  even open a WhatsApp group to encourage one another to stay connected. Ishmail further pointed out that he keep telling the Rapper to stay away from certain people, because he knows they are close to him for a reason, and the reason is, because he’s popular,.  He also cited that one thing people fail to know is, LA prefer friends and enemies than his family and people who cares for him, like people he saw him hanging out with recently 98% of the people he’s drinking and dancing with, are his enemies and they want his spot.


He further stated that the major problem is, the Rapper knows and act like everything is ok, He further asked a rhetorical question- do you know how embarrassing it may sound for me to tell you guys? LA don’t talk or listen to us, apart from a wife or your children, no one will ever care for your like your family, God knows we try all our best. He Pointed out.

”Do you guys know how many times I’ve blocked LA from going on fb live about certain conversations? do you guys know how many times i warned LA about getting involved with APC or politics in general, even before he leave America for his j6 show? but he has people who are able to tell him don’t listen to rappish, this is your opportunity, now all those who set him up are gone, and nowhere to be found, now they’re the same people calling him unserious, and Nino Brown of people calling me out on my stand of condemning LA act, i wasn’t expecting that from you, maybe the people who don’t know the real story can say that”. He emphasized.

In 2016, pointed out that he gave LA the best idea to start his own reality TV show about himself or any other type show, but he don’t listen, because his whole focus was for the january 6 show. He calls on his brother  that his his family are not his fans, they are his supporters, whatever pressure he is going through, they going through it as well, especially him.,

He conclusively stated that people feel like he listens to me, and that not the case here,. because the fact of the matter fact is that he even blocks him from telling him the hard fact, and things he should not suppose to be doing,

He conclusively stated  that he made the social media post  for people who don’t know the truth. He emphasized that he will never bend for anyone in this world, no matter how close they are, he Concluded