Sierra Leone Entertainment Ambassador, Amara Dennis Turay-Jalloh popularly called Kao Denero has given the reasons why some top musicians like Boss La, Emmerson, Drizilik and others were not included in the national playlist.

An email address was popularized, to which songs were to be submitted. After submitting the songs, Ambassador Kao Denero placed three criteria which a song should succeed in before being selected for the national playlist. The three criteria are; presentation, content or production and potential to break through to international stage.

On the first criterion, Ambassador Kao Denero explained that assessing the presentation meant the level of professionalism portrayed in writing the artist’s profile and whether or not the artist is represented by a label.

He furthered explained that the content criterion involved the assessment of the lyrics, sound component of mixing and mastering the track. These he emphasizes were a significant consideration for a track to make it to the playlist.

The third criterion he mentioned was the song’s potential to break into the international market. This is based on how good and authentic the sound is and how foreigners can relate to it too.

According to Kao, the songs submitted are from established artists as well as upcoming musicians with popular songs and new releases.

The Selection process was done by a panel comprising of DJ representatives of Sierra Leone DJs Union (SLEDU) and Federation of DJs Union, experienced musical contributors like King Milan, Lord Mo and more.

Based on the criteria, it either top musicians like Boss La, Emmerson, K-Man, Drizilik and few others refused to submit their songs through the email shared by Kao Denero.