Like every new year, the president of Sierra Leone pardons prisoners through his prerogative power of mercy of inmates at the country’s Correctional Centres across the nation. As the year 2022 clocks to an end, there is sign of optimism for Boss LA, Kamarainba and other prisoners who mighty be given presidential pardon come new year’s day, 2023. 

The prerogative mercy has its roots in British custom, where it was first used by the king as a type of retroactive mercy. The Prerogative of Mercy, which is currently a discretionary power normally held by the monarch or head of state, is used to lessen the severity of sentences or correct injustices; most frequently, offenders may be pardoned or have their sentences commuted.

On 1st January, 2022 His Excellency the President Rt. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio granted Presidential pardon to one hundred and sixty (160) inmates, pursuant to S. 40 (4) (e) and S. 63 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No. 6. During that time, there were about 160 inmates who were given presidential pardon; among them, 117 had their sentences committed from death penalty to life imprisonment whilst 43 walked free out of prison.

Within his powers as the President if Sierra Leone  Bregidier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio can grant a ‘Presidential Pardon’, which is exercised twice a year: on New Year and on Sierra Leone’s Independence Day. The Presidential Pardon is seen to be a gesture of goodwill and celebration.

New year’s day is less than two days and the presidential pardon is unknown who the lucky inmates are, this has sparked many Sierra Leoneans into prayers and pleading that their beloved celebrities and politician (s) are pardon.

Taking you back to memory lane about Kamarainba, Mansaray has been in detention since his arrest for alleged sexual penetration almost two years ago. He was never granted bail at the police station and in the court. Despite the offence is still bailable. Kamarainba Mansaray’s case however appears to be a complete deviation from the legal norm. He has been in the Pademba Road correctional facility for years now with deteriorating health condition.

On the instance of boss LA, he was arrested early June this year on allegations of rubber with violence has been in the law net for half the year. His friends, the likes of Prezo Koroma, Rahim, and his elder brother Ishmail Rappish Bah were also arrested few days for misconduct at the Benghazi OSD Headquarters in Freetown.

Boss LA has been appearing court since June and yet to be granted bail and verdict yet to be passed.

New year’s day, 2023 is well anticipated as Boss LA, Kamarainba Mansaray and others may be given presidential pardon. Many Sierra Leoneans have been pleading on behalf of their superstars, Models to President Bio that he extends his prerogative power to their gurus.

Below is a list of inmates that might be pardoned by President Bio come New year’s day, 2023:

King Boss La

Kamarainba Mansaray

Ishmail Rappish Bah

Prezo Koroma

Don Creek Beatz

Rahim and others