As the social media battle between RFM Rapper, Boss La and Eastern Hit Maker, Rap Gee continues to intensify, Boss La has disappointed his fans after failing to show up for a live session on Wednesday night.

Drama ensured earlier this week when Rap Gee, who was featured in Boss La’s latest controversial single ‘Complain’ came out to withdraw from the song with claims that he was drunk and deceived by the RFM Boss. According to the Eastern music prodigy, he was on liquor when Boss La brought the concept of “Complain” and he asked him to do a freestyle on it.

The singer said after listening to his freestyle the next day, He requested Boss La to delete his verse from the song but Boss La failed to do so. Rap Gee further accused Boss La of pursuing personal and selfish interest with the song.

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In a quick response, Boss La posted a screenshot of Rap Gee’s post where he claimed the singer shared the teaser of the controversial song “Complain” few months ago.

However, the drama continued with Rap Gee debunk the screenshots shared by Boss La claiming it is not his real post. He also claimed that the post has been edited.

On Thursday afternoon, Boss La announced that he will be going live at night, possibly to address the issue with Rap Gee. But, when Sierraloaded monitored his page, he never went live.

While Sierraloaded cannot independently verify the reason why Boss La did not go live, speculations are high that the RFM Boss might have been advised not to do so.

Sierraloaded will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed as they unfold.