A friend of Late Emadu Rogers, Edward J W Caulker has been announced missing by his Edwardian friends. Caulker who is commonly known as Dictionary is a Political Science student of Fourah Bay College and a former pupil of St Edwards Senior Secondary School.

The Edwardians friends call on members of the public to help with information if anyone knows the whereabout of their friend and colleague.

Caulker was recently involved in the said fatal car accident that lead to the death of his friend Emadu Rogers but  he survived.  According to his friends, he has  been no where to be found recently and they are worried about his whereabout.

According to eye witnesses , Caulker went to the late Emadu’s house and saw the banner indicating that he is dead and he collapsed on the spot. After his recovery from the traumatic experience,  he woke up  and walked away. Since this unfortunate incident took place, Caulker has went missing.

Caulker Edwardian friends further clarifies that he is not dead but he maybe going through some mental health issues that has to do with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The public is encouraged to help his friends  with information as they are searching for him. If you have any information that can lead to him please share with them