The CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Alhaji Amadu Bah popular known as Boss La has finally revealed the secret mission he was having with popular celebrity, Zainab Sheriff.

The rapper has been in the studio working on his upcoming album which has a song titled ‘Monalisa’ with Zainab Sheriff. Boss La revealed the secret on his Facebook page after sharing the flyer of the song. Zainab Sheriff made a positive comment on the post.

Few weeks ago, photos of the two celebrities having good time went viral on social media. Other photos with different setting and dress were also seen on social media. Rumors went round that; Boss La and Zainab Sheriff are on date.


Both celebrities have been supportive to each other. In 2018, Zainab Sheriff featured Boss La and Eddy 441 on a song title ‘Me N Me Dalin’ which became a hit. During the Big Sister Reality TV Show, Boss La supported Zainab Sheriff after she separated from Junior Navo’s Housemate Salone Reality TV Show.

As the rumors were spreading, the rapper shared the flyer of the song on his Facebook page they have been working on which is expected to be released soon.