Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La sent shots at the CEO of Love Salone and Lef Bad Heart, Adebayor and insulted his mother.

The rapper made the shot at Makeni where he attended the show of Sierra Leone female rapper and dancehall artiste, Star Zee.

This came after Adebayor called on the Makeni people on one of his audios to boycott Star Zee show. He stated that, the artiste is a friend of Madam First Lady Fatima Bio and the Makeni people should not support her.

This is not the first time Adebayor is killing the entertainment industry. He applied the same to Emmerson which made the show to become unsuccessful at the National Stadium. He also applied it to Kao Denero’s Night of Excellence Show at Bintumani Conference Hall which also worked.

In the case of Star Zee who is a neutral artiste, fans didn’t follow his message. The show was fully attended in Makeni. Boss La, who was part of the show supporting Star Zee, used the opportunity to send shots at Adebayor the same way he used to send shots at them.