Red Flag Music (RFM) Leader, Boss La has finally addressed the ongoing issue between himself and Eastern music Star, Rap Gee.

Boss La promised to come live few days ago but it he didn’t fulfilled his promise. He mentioned that, the aim of that Facebook live will be discussed today as people have been getting different thinking that what Rap Gee said about him might be true.

He commended the public for giving out positive reactions when the first person made his Facebook live.
Boss La said he is not the only person on the song. It’s done by him, Rap Gee, Arkman and Itribe. He said this is the only song that has never been criticized because the truth is portrayed on the song. He said other people are angry when even the song is not for them. He shamed all those that are against the song. He outlined the issues he mentioned on the song and asked if the haters can do similar thing, they are welcome.

The rapper cleared the air that the song was not sponsored by any political group. He asked the public if one of them would have said he don’t want to be part of the song again, he wouldn’t have released it. He also asked why only one person came out and explain negatively about the song and the other two people did not. According to him, fans should find out why Arkman and Itribe did not do what Rap Gee did.

The rapper said he blamed himself for entertaining different people. He did that all because he don’t want to be categorized as proud individual. He said the people that he sacrifice himself and provide for them and give them opportunity to enter into some places, are the same people will go against him at the end of day. He described himself as someone who easily forgive himself.

He advised Rap Gee and his advisers to take a drink and have a thorough sleep. He said the person that is advising is not helping him but trying to destroy his career. He commended Rap Gee for his talent. He said all the things the singer have said against him, he is not angry and he has forgiven him. He said he never felt intimidated by the actions of Rap Gee.

According to him, he blamed those people that are in a payroll and trying to give negative advice to Rap Gee. He mentioned that, he knew everything that is behind this. With all the feeding he has been feeding them with ideas, they still turn against him, he said. He emphasized that the people that are advising Rap Gee are just trying to impress their superiors.

Boss La asked the people that on what basis he need Rap Gee for and for what? Which impact will Rap Gee create to his life? He said even his daughter, Fatima is more famous than Rap Gee. He continue saying that his daughter has more followers on Tiktok and Facebook than Rap Gee. He asked if that is the way they want to promo Rap Gee. He said he is not interested in sharing Pads and he has no issue with anyone that is into it.  He asked people why they always keep mentioning his name with the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone. According to him, it’s a sign of disrespect as Fatima Bio is busy doing her business. He said he was only mentioning the First Lady during when they were harassing other people for facemask while First Lady was doing her programs without facemask. He said he has no issue with the First Lady. According to him, if First Lady needs his service as musician, he will respond. He mentioned few projects he has ran with her like performing during June 16 Virtual Concert with Crips International and organizing a meeting with few musicians as a request made by the First Lady. Boss La said he never received any accolades for bringing those musicians together to meet with the First Lady instead he was insulted. He said he has no I’D for any political party. He continue saying that there are musicians that are now politicians and are following the First Lady everywhere but the public is not saying anything about it. He said he is not in the style of sharing Pads and following First Lady everywhere.

Boss La came back to the point of Rap Gee. He said he has his house but he prefer going to a Hotel  to have privacy. The rapper said he has his studio with his producer. He received a called from Rap Gee asking his whereabout. He told him he is on his Hotel and the singer promised to come to him. Immediately the singer shown up and he has been sleeping in his Hotel room for over three days. He said when Rap Gee was spending time with him in the Hotel, he booked another room for him to have his own privacy. He said he was feeding him throughout. He never allow him to buy water for himself. He was providing everything for him.

Boss La said he was recording in his Hotel room when Arkman and Itribe pay a visit to him and met Rap Gee there. According to him, he was recording another song when he asked his producer “Wilbert” to bring another beat. He said as soon as the producer played the other beat, he shouted “D Complain Dor Meet We”. The rapper said as soon as he sang the first line, Itribe requested to be part of the song. The rapper made it clear that he did not invite anyone on the song. All of them did their verses by themselves. He said he never needed them as he has been doing it by himself. The rapper said there was no alcohol neither drugs in the Hotel room while recording. He said after doing the first session, they were excited and continue to do the song for two weeks.

Boss La said before they released the trailer sometimes in August, he asked the consent of Arkman and Itribe. During the time he was chatting with them, Rap Gee was with him throughout in the Hotel, vehicle, etc. He said Rap Gee was so hype about the song to be released and that motivated him to release the trailer. After sharing the trailer, Rap Gee shared both the flyer and the trailer, Boss La lamented.

Boss La continue saying that, he had a conversation with Itribe wherein the singer told not to release the full song right now because of certain reasons. He said Arkman also buttressed the idea of Itribe. This was the reason the song took almost a year before being released. According to him, he respected their opinions. Even though he was receiving blames from the public that he has been bribed not to release the song, he still holds on to the songs and acted professionally. During that timeime, he said he said he felt like he was losing his credibility and the pressure was too much for him. He called Arkman and told him that the song needs to be out. Arkman responded that he has something to add on the song before it release. He also informed Itribe about the song. He also supported the idea of releasing the song. The rapper said he called all of them after nine months and discussed about the release of the song. According to him, all of them were happy and accepted the idea of releasing the song.

Boss La said he was in Swiss Hotel when he called for the file of the song so that he can complete it sometimes in March 2021. He said he was adding to the song when he received a phone call from Rap Gee and asked him to meet him in Swiss Hotel. Rap Gee met him doing the outro of the song at Swiss Hotel when he told him not to complete it yet . He still have something to add. According to the rapper, Rap Gee wrote his verse by himself and talked about the Pads. The rapper said he gave him the chance to record as much as he wants. He continue saying that the singer never asked him to remove his verse from the song.

When Rap Gee team up with the First Lady, Markmuday and Kao Denero, he thought that Boss La was against that, the rapper explained. According to him, he has no issue with any of them. Boss La said the singer does not owe any apology for the First Lady. The rapper swear to Allah that if Rap Gee would have asked him to remove his verse from the song, he would have done that. He denied the allegations Rap Gee made against him that he did the song just to get money from politicians. He said he doesn’t need the singer to make it in life as he has already made it.

He sent a message to him and Base Aphonyx that they know his address and they should meet him if they want to talk to him. He sent a strong message to Kao Denero for planning to implement a policy that will protect musicians from being extorted. According to him, Kao Denero can’t even protect himself and want to protect young musicians.
He cleared the air that he never received any money from a politician and he was never sponsored by any. He mentioned all the artists in the song as witness that he didn’t receive anything from a politician. According to him, he did the song because of love and wrong things that are going on in this country.

The rapper threw light to the DJs. He said Base Aphonyx is telling the DJs not to play his songs. He accused him for damaging the career of Rap Gee.
Boss La closed the Facebook live by accepting Rap Gee as his brother and sent a strong advice to him. He advised the singer to stop taking drugs if he has started.

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