Alhaji Amadu Bah, widely known as Boss LA, the Peace Ambassador of Sierra Leone, has issued a passionate plea to his fellow citizens, urging them to reject any incitements to protest and disrupt the nation’s peace.

In a recent video statement, Boss LA emphasized the profound negative impacts such actions could have on the country.

My Neighbor please if anyone is trying to insight you from outside please say no to it because we know how it will affect us in Sierra Leone with curfew order, investors will stop coming, it will stop the children from attending schools and also affect the business people,” Boss LA stated.

He highlighted the potential for significant disruptions to everyday life, including the imposition of curfews, which would deter investors, halt educational activities, and impede business operations.

Boss LA’s call comes at a critical time for Sierra Leone, a nation that has been striving for stability and economic growth after years of civil conflict and the devastating impact of the Ebola outbreak.

The Peace Ambassador underscored that maintaining peace is crucial for continued development and the well-being of all Sierra Leoneans. “With peace, developments and happiness will take place in the country,” he affirmed, urging citizens to prioritize national unity and tranquility over divisive actions.

His message resonates with the broader efforts of Sierra Leone’s government and civil society to promote peace and stability. In recent years, the country has made significant strides in improving its international standing and attracting foreign investments. However, sporadic unrest and political tensions have occasionally threatened these gains.

Boss LA’s influence as a prominent public figure and musician lends considerable weight to his appeal. Known for his advocacy and community engagement, his words are likely to reach a wide audience, fostering a collective resistance against those who seek to destabilize the nation.