During the coronation of paramount chiefs in Bo City, President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone issued a forceful warning to the nation, emphasizing a period of political stability and firm responses to any unrest. The ceremony, held with traditional pomp and attended by dignitaries from across the country, became a platform for the President to communicate his administration’s stance on security and governance.

President Bio declared unequivocally, “We won’t have any more elections in this country until 2028, so sit back and relax.” His statement was a clear message to the populace and political figures alike, indicating a focus on governance over the next four years without the distractions of electoral campaigns.

The President’s speech took a hardline turn as he addressed potential agitators. “But if you try to cause trouble, be prepared to face the consequences,” he warned. Bio’s rhetoric intensified as he proclaimed, “If you bring a bullet, you will meet a bullet.” This stark warning was directed at “those big big politicians in the country trying to cause confusion among the citizens,” underscoring his administration’s readiness to respond to any attempts to destabilize the nation with equal force.

President Bio contextualized his firm stance by referencing global challenges, urging citizens to maintain stability amidst worldwide crises. “It is not only Sierra Leone facing difficulties now, the whole world is facing challenges,” he noted, urging the public to “take good care of what we have and ourselves.” He cited the crisis of flooding he witnessed in Kenya, among other international issues, to highlight the shared struggles faced by nations worldwide.

The President’s speech was a mix of reassurance and a call for unity in the face of adversity. By highlighting global challenges and urging Sierra Leoneans to value their current stability, he aimed to foster a sense of collective responsibility and resilience.

The coronation of paramount chiefs, a significant cultural event, thus became a stage for President Bio to assert his vision for the country’s immediate future emphasizing security, stability, and an unwavering stance against any form of unrest.