Ishmail Bah popularly known as Rappish brother to prominent Sierra Leonean rapper Boss LA has today sends a strong message to the Justice as he appears Court today.

Rappish was arrested among other friend of Boss LA few days after the news of Boss LA arrested for alleged rubbing WIth violence at Leoneco gas station in Freetown in June this year.

Rappish and nine others were later sentenced to 36 Months imprisonment to Pademba Road correctional center after they were found guilty on two counts of riotous conduct and disorderly behavior.

The convicts had gone to the OSD HQ on 15 June demanding to see LAJ who was being held in custody.

Ishmail Rappish Bah and others were later taken to the high court on appeal as their case continues.

Rappish will Court today which he took to his Facebook page and disclosed this:

Court day:
With my voice high, I’m not asking for mercy or favor to walk free, all am asking for, is a fair trial, another opportunity for the justice system to do the right thing.”

According to Ishmail Bah, he affirmed that he will never plead for mercy or favour to walk free but asked for fair trial. This he said is another opportunity for the Justice system to do the right thing.