Sierra Leone’s Minister of Transport and Aviation, Retired Colonel Alhaji Fanday Turay, has announced the arrival of 50 new buses in the country. These buses are part of a $52 million project funded by the World Bank and the Sierra Leone government.

The project, known as the Integrated Resilient Urban Mobility Project (IRUMP), aims to improve public transport in Sierra Leone by providing affordable, safe, and reliable bus services.

The 50 new buses will operate on two corridors: the Western corridor, which will run from Number 2 to the bus station, and the Eastern corridor, which will run from Jui to the Central Business District. The buses will be managed by a new company that will incorporate existing drivers on these routes.

Minister Turay said that the arrival of the new buses is an important step towards improving public transport in Sierra Leone. “These buses will help to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make it easier for people to get around,” he said.

The IRUMP project is expected to benefit over 1 million people in Sierra Leone. In addition to the new buses, the project will also provide support for infrastructure improvements, such as bus stops and shelters. The project will also train drivers and other staff involved in the operation of the buses.

The arrival of the new buses is a welcome development for Sierra Leone. The country’s public transport system is currently in a state of disrepair, with many people relying on unreliable and unsafe buses. The new buses will provide a much-needed alternative for commuters and help to improve the lives of people in Sierra Leone.