Abubakar Kamara, a Freetown businessman, was arrested on the 30th by Detective Police Consman and brought before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Ross Road Court No.1 in Freetown on charges of conspiring with an unknown individual to commit larceny.

Abubakar is before the court for the offenses of conspiracy to commit a crime and larceny contrary to law. It was alleged that the accused, on Wednesday 26th July, 2023 at No. 18 Kissy Brook. in Freetown, stole an iPhone valued at seven thousand Leones NLe17.000) and cash of

one hundred and fifty United States dollars ($150)  belonging to Ishmael Kabia.

Formal witness Police Constable (PC) 19940 Kargbo P.S. residing at Jalloh Terrance, in Freetown also attached to the Criminal Investigations Department CID, at the Regional Ross Road Police Station, Harbour Division in Freetown said he was on duty at the investigation branch at the said division, when the complainant

arrested and brought in the accused and reported a matter.

He said the matter was assigned to Kamara MA. for investigation adding that on the said date, he obtained statements from the complainant and witnesses.

On 27 July 2023, the witness said he and Inspector Conteh obtained a voluntary cautioned statement from the accused, which he admitted to being true and correct by affixing his right thumbprint, witnessed Detective Inspector Conteh.

The accused voluntary caution statement was produced and tendered to form part of the court’s records. Kamara stated that on 30th July 2023, he and Detective Inspector Alfred Conteh charged the accused with the offense of conspiracy and larceny contrary to law.

The charge statement was produced and

tendered, in evidence When an opportunity was accorded to him to cross-examine the witness on his behalf, the focus told the court that he had no questions for the witness Magistrate Kekurn prorated an und thousand Leones (NLE100, 00) bail to the accused with a surety, who should reside in Freetown. The surety should furnish the count with an ID card and should be moved by the Deputy Master and Registrar. The matter was adjourned to September 2023 for further hearing.