Social media commentator Daphne Pratt, popularly known as cassada kitchen has in a video on social media hit hard at Juliana Conteh (Julie Tombo) as she rendered some sound advice to the housemate’s season 3 winner.

In the video cassava kitchen accused Julie of not doing anything with the fame, she just received after winning the housemates season 3. Cassada kitchen adds that Julie should stop posing around with Nohmi and do something with substance for herself, and cautioning her that Nohmi did not win housemate but her so she should concentrate on making better for herself

Cassandra kitchen also made claims she invested her time, and resources in making Julie what she is today. she went on to state that Nohmi has nothing to offer Julie and advised her to wake up and make use of the opportunity and platform that winning the housemate has offered her.

She went on to advise Julie that she should not be wasting her talent by abusing people on social media. Adding that a lot of money and time has been invested into her and she must pick herself up and do what is expected of her.

Cassada kitchen also states that Julie has 6 children and should be thinking about the betterment of her children than going about posing with Nohmi and doing nothing better

“Gather yourself and use this opportunity to do something better for yourself” she stressed

Casada kitchen said as the winner of housemate Julie should be an example to others, but instead of selling herself and her brand, she is busy selling Nohmi

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