In just few hours left to March, the month of February 2022 will be history. For the Sollywood industry in Sierra Leone as it has been a very bad month. This is because the industry lost a videographer; Idriss Kpange, actress and producer; Martha M. Macauley and an actor and director; Elijah Musa Deen.

Idriss Kpange died on Tuesday 15th February, 2022. He was an entertainment personality, videographer, producer and editor. Idriss is the Co-founder of Opin Yu Yi and CEO & Founder of Concept Multimedia. He has worked with top Sierra Leonean celebrities like DX3, Xzu-B, etc.

According to the family, Idriss Kpange died of heart attack at Connaught hospital after the nurses focused more on the documentation instead of providing emergency treatment to their son. Idriss Kpange died while nurses were doing the documentation.

Few days later in the month of February 2022, prolific actress and producer; Martha Millicent Macauley was confirmed dead. This sudden incident happened on Tuesday night 22nd February 2022.

It is not particularly clear the cause of her death but Sierraloaded understands that She was aged 35 having celebrated her 35th birthday and 5th year wedding anniversary recently on 6th June 2021.

Marths was the former Acting President of the Actor Guild of Sierra Leone known on stage as Martha Sesay. Based in Freetown, she’s one of the Country’s most decorated and active actresses that was doing movie in the quest of taking the movie industry to a higher height. She has starred in 33 movies and won so many awards.

She recently opened a new movie studio called MarthaRans Multimedia where they do movies, video clips plus more.

Another death that shocked Sollywood industry was the death of actor and director; Elijah Musa Deen who died on 25th February, 2022 in Makeni, Nothwest part of Sierra Leone.

In 2021, he was awarded as Best Director at the FaNEA Awards in Makeni and his movie was awarded as the Best Regional Film at the SMA Awards. He wrote and directed movies like My Story, 21 Days and many others.