In a recent development, Kasho Holland Cole, the former Chairman of the APC Western Area Rural District Council, has addressed the Sierra Leone Press Release regarding an audio clip circulating on social media.

The audio is attributed to Lansana Dumbuya Esq, the National Secretary General of the All Peoples Congress Party, and Holland Cole himself.

The Sierra Leone Police have stated that the audio contains severe threats of nationwide demonstrations if the concerns and demands of the All Peoples Congress Party, directed to the Electoral Commission, are not met.

Responding to these claims by the Sierra Leone Police, Holland Cole took to his Twitter account to clarify his statement. He emphasized that the remark made by the APC Party about organizing a “peaceful demonstration” should not be perceived as a threat. He explained that the term “peaceful” implies a non-violent expression of dissent or a public gathering to voice a particular viewpoint or demand certain changes.

“The APC Party says we will do a Peaceful demonstration” does not constitute a threat. The term “peaceful” demonstration implies a non- violent expression or dissent or a public gathering amid expressing a particular viewpoint or demanding certain changes,” he stated.

Holland Cole, who is seeking re-election as Western Area District Chairman in the upcoming 2023 elections, recently secured his nomination from the ECSL. In a notable development, he announced that he now has a running mate compared to the previous elections.

Expressing his motivation for a second term, Holland Cole stated that he has unfinished business to conclude. He expressed his expectation that the people will vote for him and the All Peoples Congress Party, demonstrating their confidence in their ability to fulfill the aspirations of the district.