Former District Youth Leader and aspiring Chairman for the main opposition, All Peoples Congress Party (APC) in Pujehun District, Syvester Massaquoi has vowed to strengthen the party’s hold in the district and the Eastern region as a whole.

Massaquoi, who aspiring as Chairman in the APC District Executive Elections, said he wants to see that APC becomes a stronger and a force to recon with in Pujehun.

If I am elected as chairman of APC in Pujehun District, I will make sure that Pujehun District would no longer be considered as a stronghold of the SLPP because I have the typical APC ideology which will make me succeed in having many people joining the party in Constituency 101. I want to use my APC Ideology to spread the party in the other five Constituencies and throughout the Southern and Eastern Regions of the country,โ€ he maintained.

He furthered that, he has done it once by securing a very high vote in the district in terms of election and can still do more in the June 2023 elections.

Massaquoi, has been APC Pujehun District Youth Leader for three consecutive terms, and diligently served his people.