As today Marks 12th day of Ramadhan,  Sierraloaded  gives a gentle reminder to all Sierra Leonean Muslims that In Islam, Sincere Charity (Sadaqah) is a Guarantee investment that Increases Wealth amongst the believers in the religion .

ALLAH, the Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “Who will loan to ALLAH a beautiful loan which ALLAH will double unto his/her credit and multiply it many times? 2:245.

The above verse teaches us that by generously giving to the poor and needy, ALLAH will increase our wealth and blessings in this life, wipe out sins, increase rewards and provide shade on the Day of Judgment and more in shaa ALLAH.

What more could we ask for? Money back, profit, good health, baraqah (blessings) in our wealth, shade on the Day of Judgement, sadaqah is definitely the best investment for our dunya[world] and aakhira[Hereafter]. We should support especially our relatives in need without seeking any rewards from them or expecting them to reciprocate our kind gesture if you did it for ALLAH’S sake especially in this blessed month.

May  Allah the Almighty aide us to give and help others for His sake. Aameen.