Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, discusses security forces on the streets of Freetown during his appearance on Voice of America

He shared on his social media page how he spoke “on the presence of security forces in the streets of our city, Freetown.”

He went on to state that “Security forces provide reassurance to our peaceful citizens and engage them on how we can all enhance the peace.”

He expressed gratitude for these efforts and emphasized the importance of continuing peaceful dialogues with legitimate opposition actors. In his words, he stated, “I’m grateful that these efforts continue to yield positive results, allowing for ongoing peaceful discussions with legitimate opposition figures. Listen.”

He also highlighted two key objectives for the security apparatus: Firstly, to maintain civic engagement that assures citizens the security apparatus is fully in control, alleviating any concerns, and secondly, to engage citizens in discussions about steps to enhance security in the country.

He mentioned that they received calls from unidentified individuals urging citizens to take to the streets and cause chaos. He emphasized that the state apparatus is treating these calls seriously, but reassured the public that there is no need for concern because the situation remains peaceful.

He states, “The security forces are out there laughing, talking engaging citizens, hugging them, singing in some communities and talking about how we can collectively continue to maintain the peace.”