Sierra Leone’s Information and Civic Education Minister, Honourable Chernor Bah, once again captivated the audience with an awe-inspiring speech on education during the UNESCO International Day of Education program in New York on Wednesday, January 24th.

Addressing a high-level gathering of global education figures, the quintessential Chernor Bah delved into Sierra Leone’s tumultuous history and the distorted version of education imposed by colonial powers.

The mercurial Minister Bah courageously navigated the murky waters of our education system’s devastation during the 11-year war, emphasizing Sierra Leone’s imperative to reclaim its rightful place in the world through advocacy.

He lamented the fragility of education over the years, leaving a population susceptible to manipulation by misguided individuals residing abroad. Minister Bah then eloquently highlighted the silver lining on the horizon, centered around President Bio’s vision to restore the broken educational systems in our country.

Expounding on President Bio’s commitment, he discussed the allocation of 22% of the national budget to education, the implementation of free quality education, STEM programs, and radical inclusion.

In conclusion, he implored the gathering to draw valuable lessons from Sierra Leone’s journey.