Sierra Leone’s Chief Justice, His Lordship Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards, has provided assurance to the Carter Center Observation Mission that the Judiciary is fully prepared to effectively address election offenses and petitions that may arise during the electoral cycle.

The Chief Justice emphasized the Judiciary’s commitment to handle the elections promptly and assured that everyone is ready to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities when the time comes. He emphasized the importance of not only ensuring that justice is served but also making sure that it is visibly and undeniably evident.

Furthermore, he acknowledged the Judiciary’s role in maintaining order in society during the electoral process, especially in the face of disruptions or offenses.

The Chief Justice informed the team about the Judiciary’s preparedness, including the compilation of a comprehensive set of laws related to elections with the support of partners.

We’re going to handle these elections with the promptness they deserve and I assure you that everybody is ready to do a good and decent job when the time comes,” the Chief Justice assured.

In collaboration with the European Union and the United Nations Development Program, the Judiciary organized training for judges and registrars on expediting electoral cases and making decisions regarding reruns or the nullification of elections.

The Chief Justice also mentioned plans to launch strategic communication campaigns to enhance public understanding of the Judiciary’s role during elections.

He explained that temporary courts will be established to cover the entire electoral cycle in accordance with the law.

The Field Office Director of the Carter Center Observation Mission, Mr. Nicholas Jahr, highlighted the team’s deployment across the country to observe the elections in all regions and districts.

Their visit to the Chief Justice was part of their engagement with key stakeholders to gain insights into the electoral process and its relationship with the judiciary.

Mr. Jahr commended the Chief Justice’s administration for their preparedness and expressed confidence in providing an international and impartial perspective on the elections and its procedures.

He concluded by expressing satisfaction with the Chief Justice’s commitment to upholding the independence of the judiciary.

Mrs. Despina Efstathiou, Legal Analyst of the Carter Center Observation Mission, appreciated the valuable discussion with the Judiciary, noting that it had enriched their understanding of electoral justice and would contribute to their work in the field.