Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, has expressed his commitment to working with everyone in the country to achieve sustainable and transformative development at all levels.

As a public servant, he values collaborating with the people and engaging with them regularly. He believes that the government exists to serve the people and address their important needs. He emphasized that the well-being of the people should always be the top priority for any government.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Sengeh assured that he would actively collaborate with various segments of society, including youth, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, creative individuals, and entrepreneurs. His goal is to implement comprehensive development initiatives that benefit the entire country.

“What I love in my work as a public servant is direct contact and engagement with the people. The government is the people! In my role as chief minister, I will make sure that all people-young, old, with disabilities, creative, entrepreneurs, etc.,-contribute”