On August 26, 2023, the Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone, David Moinina Sengeh, along with other ministers and deputies, joined the youth in cleaning the Youyi Building in Freetown.

The Chief Minister emphasized that the reform of the Public Sector starts by transforming public infrastructure and spaces, a principle he has actively exemplified in the nation’s capital.

He expressed his satisfaction in witnessing the realization of this initiative, which aligns with one of President Bio’s five major game-changing strategies. This achievement marks progress toward four out of the five strategies, focusing on public sector reform and service delivery.

“Today, over 20 Ministers and deputy ministers, hundreds of staff at various government entities, and many more youth volunteers showed up to clean Youyi Building- which houses the largest number of public servants. Staff there says for 30+ years, they’ve never seen the compound that clean. We spent 11hrs cleaning and I didn’t leave the compound until the last thrash was loaded in the truck. The Deputy Minister Queen was also there right through. The SLRSA towed all the vehicles in the compound (we had given notice 2 weeks ago) and did so right throughout the day.

So many people did their own parts. Several others showed up to support our effort. They were inspired, they said. I saw and met young people feeling alive while being in service. I interacted with dozens of officers working with their rifles by their side. Drivers, guards, everyone! Private sector and especially the Gento Group and their crew were incredible.

The Deputy Chief Administrator at FCC is an amazing human.

11hrs later, I am tired. But I also feel inspired. I feel hopeful. I know what we can do as a people. I know that fixing our country, by starting with our own offices is a fine place to start. Every day, the power of youth manifests itself. I also feel the weight of the challenge- folks would drink water and drop the plastic bags in the same exact spot they cleaned 5 mins earlier. It didn’t make sense to me but it underscored why we must show up as leaders and stay present and connected. We must drive mindset shifts” he stated.

He called on the general public to help in transforming the public spaces, infrastructure and assets as a way to reforming service delivery and accelerating our national development at all times.