The Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, David Moinina Sengeh, adopts a firm stance on the Sierra Leone-US relationship in response to the recent 98.1 interview with the US Ambassador.

David Sengeh channeled his sentiments through his personal Twitter account, expressing a degree of frustration towards the US, while emphasizing the significance of their shared history of respect and common aspirations. He conveyed, “Sierra Leone and the United States have a deep history of mutual respect and shared aspirations for our people.”

This serves as a reminder to the US of the profound historical rapport that both nations have cultivated.

The US Ambassador’s appearance on the 98.1 programs, urging the government to engage in dialogue with the opposition APC amidst allegations of election irregularities in the June 24 general elections, has prompted skepticism from several government leaders.

The Information Minister also joined the discourse on his Twitter page, challenging the Ambassador’s statements and asserting, “The government belongs to this country and the people are our bosses.”

Concluding his message, Chief Minister Sengeh reaffirmed the Sierra Leone government’s dedication to the aspirations of the United States and highlighted the importance of building relationships on a broader scale, transcending individual egos. He emphasized, “We are committed to their dreams and hopes. The relationship between our country and any other state is bigger than any single individual’s ego or specific program.