Legendary sierra leone on musician Solomon Sandy, popularly known as Aklass who had along- beef with Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador Koa Denero, has once again hit out at the Ambassador of Entertainment

After a long-standing beef between the two Aklass has once again started the fire by sending punch lines against the Ambassador about his child support saga.

In a post on social media, Aklass lamented about Kao Denero not having money to pay child support even though he has been doing music for tnr past 40yrs but he is still broke. He also went further to state that he will bury the little carrier of Kao Denero adding that he is not a normal human when it comes to beef songs

Also In a recent interview with ellenn kiester Aklass Alleged that Kao Denero was behind an assassination attempt on his life

Read his post below

Una king nor get money 4 pay in child support, he been doing music 4 the past 40yrs still going broke pls don’t bring out that LANKIKUNEHNEH side of me ..don’t make me buried that little carrier of ur so called king … am not a normal human being when it comes to beef songs