The winner of Big Sister Salone Empowerment Show maiden edition, Haja Mariama Kamara populaly known as China Nicky has explained all what she went through for the past three years.

The Reality TV Show winner was hosted by Fantacial World where she explained the way she was betrayed by her Manager, Ejatu Barrie and the struggle she went through in Bahamas.

On her explanation, China Nicky stated that after winning the Reality TV Show in 2018, her manager, Ejatu and her boyfriend brought the idea of travelling to the United States which she highly supported. She added that she was having her money which she won from the TV Show and also the endorsement deals she gained from banks, telecommunication companies and others. China Nicky continued saying that, when Ejatu realized that she was making money from companies and friends, she advised her to keep some money in the bank and the rest at home and it should be secret between them. She said she asked manager if keeping the money at home will be safe. She said her manager assured her that the money will be safe.

China Nicky continued explaining that, Ejatu started collecting money from her before even travelling. She said the money she collected from her, after checking, it was over USD300,000 which she asked me to keep as secret. She used my money for travelling which was USD25,000.

“When my fans realized what was happening, they started advising me. After noticing that, my fans are advising me, Ejatu went to the WhatsApp group and corrupted my fans and I. She also accused me of dating her boyfriend called Barrie that was staying in Conakry.” She explained.

She further stated that, they left (Ejatu Barie, Ejatu’s son and her) Sierra Leone for Bahamas on 17th May, 2018 and arrived on 19th May, 2018. When they arrived at the airport, they were asked for their purpose. Nicky stated that, Ejatu told the immigration officers that they are there on vacation. Based on the luggages, as Ejatu was having 2 luggages, her son, Alhaji Barrie was having 2 and she was having 1, immigration officers find it very difficult to believe until when Ejatu told them that, she (China Nicky) is a celebrity and they will be moving from different places. After that reason, they were granted access to the country.

They moved to a guesthouse and booked one room for three of them. Nicky continued explaining that, the Island that they were, she got lot of foreigners especially Americans that approached her for friendship which she accepted. She said while in the Island, Ejatu left her and went to the guesthouse. When she met her, she said Ejatu told her that she can’t continue staying with her in the same guesthouse. She added that, she asked for the reason why she want to leave her as she mentioned to do all what Ejatu asked her to do like not to wear African dress and have dress that covers her entire body. “You said you will help me settle in Miami with my money and why are you planning to leave me here now?” she asked. Chian Nicky said that Ejatu left her alone in the guesthouse. She said she shed tears on that day after her manager abandoned her.

She further explained that, after abandoning her in the guesthouse, Ejatu called and informed her that people are commenting on her Facebook that she is not in America. “She called me and told me that people are commenting on Facebook that I am not in America so I need to take photos in places like Macdonald and other beautiful places and send them to her so that they can post them on Facebook to tell Sierra Leoneans that I am in America” she explained. She said she told her manager that she doesn’t like to pretend and give false information. With all that, she said she went and took the photos and sent them to her which were posted on Facebook to ease the tension. She added that, Ejatu told her to tell anyone that ask her about her whereabout that she is in Miami.

When asked by Fanta the amount of money that Ejatu left with her in the guesthouse, China Nicky responded that it was USD600 that she left with her before leaving.

China Nicky stated that, when she called Zainab Sheriff the other day and told her about their travel, Zainab Sheriff asked for her destination which she told her that she is in the United States. “I called Zainab Sheriff and told her that I am sorry for not informing her. Zainab asked me where I am. I told her that we are in America., because that what Ejatu told me to tell anyone that ask my whereabout.” She stated. “She asked me to send her my pictures which I forwarded to her.” She added.

She continued explaining that, after sending her pictures to Zainab Sheriff, Ejatu called and warned her not to send pictures of her to anyone.

The following day, they went to the immigration office to extend their stay in Bahamas as their 6 months visa was coming to an end. According to China Nicky, when the woman asked Ejatu the purpose of their extension, she responded that they are staying for business and she is a business woman. Nicky said she was surprised as they were not running a business. They left their passport for processing and returned to their respective hostels.

After leaving immigration office, China Nicky said she told Ejatu for them leave the country. She said she refused and they relocated to another Island and lodged in a hostel. While booking the room, Ejatu told her that, she has to make half payment and she said she was okay and told Ejatu to pay since she has her money. She added they were there for over week. Later, Ejatu stopped her from following her. “She was going out with the Jamaican fellow she connected with that is a drug dealer.” She stated.

As they were staying together, Ejatu decided to leave Bahamas with her son. According to Nicky, she cried and told her that she doesn’t know anyone there and the plan was to take her to Miami. She cried in front of her but yet still, she left with her son. “I cried for the rest of the day”- she said.

Nicky continued saying that she was in the hostel for 2 weeks when the hostel manager came to her for her bills. She said she explained her situation to her and she gave her a chance to stay in the hostel without paying. She added that, after sometimes, the manager asked her to stay with her in her house which was nearby to the hostel. She said she transferred there and stayed with the children of the hostel manager. She continued saying that, the manager introduced her to neighbours where she was going to plait their hairs and make little money.

After a while, she shown her the money that she has gathered to the manager. She said the manager asked her to keep it and it’s for herself. She said later, the manager told her that she wants to help her cross to Miami with her children. Nicky stated that, immediately the manager told her that she will be travelling with her children to the United States, she started saving some money through her plaiting skills.

She furthered explained that, on 26th December 2019, immigration officers knocked on her door while she was sleeping. She said they requested for her passport but unfortunately, she didn’t produce it because the it was at the immigration office. She said she was taken to the immigration when they notified her that she has exceeded her stay. Therefore, she has to appear court and explain why she over stay. She said she was not taken to court, instead to prison where she said she spent 1 year, 1 month and 4 days.

She explained the struggle that she went through with emotion. She said even in Ghana where she is presently, she is going through a lot and she needs help. While in emotion, Fanta encouraged her and ended the Facebook live as everyone including viewers were getting emotional. She planned to release a documentary where she will explain everything as this was just a summary. Fanta created a GoFundMe account pleaded to Sierra Leoneans to donate.