Following to the report of Assistant Superintendent of Corrections of the Sierra Leone Correctional Services (SLCS), Umaru Vandi Magbay, who also happened to be the father of a seventeen-year-old girl, an SSS1 pupil, who is alleged to have been sexually assaulted by one Mr. Mohamed Massaquoi, a colleague of Vandi magbay, the father of the victim, Christian Sisay took to social media to clear the air of his side of the story, and later cries for justice on his own part.

On the claims made by Vandi Magbay that his boss the Regional Commander has on the phone told him that, he has already committed an offence for failing to consult him before reporting the matter to the Police and threatened him of a query letter awaiting him.

Mr. Vandi Magbay furthered that, he was asked of the Regional Head Quarter on the 14th April, 2022, when he went there to receive his rice supply. According to him he was asked out on the premise that he went to report to the Police a sexual offence matter without his boss’ consent maintaining that he is still the commander util he is retired.

It is based on these allegations among others that the Regional Commander took on social media to clear the air of the situation and also cries for justice on his own part as well.

On his post, he wrote:

“This situation I should say is unfortunate it would have been good for officials of this newspaper to have listened to my own part of the story before doing this publication. I am a father of four daughters, and I am quite aware of what it takes to bring up a girl child, so what I will not want to be with my daughters, I will not in any way want such to happen to someone’s daughter.

Some people on social media are quick to draw conclusions. Eighty percent of the story is untrue, this is just to tarnish my image. I am not aware of what transpired not even Mr. Magbay informed me about the said matter. What beats my imagination was the fact that he came to me on a faithful Monday morning took my keys open my office, we were there for quite some time discussing some issues related to the job, but he never said anything to me then he left.

Few hours later, I received a letter from the police requesting me to use my good office to take one of my officers under escort to the police to answer to a case of an alleged sexual assault. If it were anyone of you that are saying that I should be dismissed after serving this nation faithfully for thirty-eight years. How would you have reacted? Even the telephone calls he claims to make trying to reach is not correct, I have cross checked my phone, I did not see any of his said calls. I am also asking for justice on my part as well.”