Citizen FM 103.7, a civil and urban radio station located in Kissy, is reported to be currently under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Freetown, nearly 70 days after the unsettling gunshots incident on November 26th, 2023.

According to reports, the saga began when a group of soldiers stormed the station before noon on that fateful day, pointing guns at the security guard. Demanding information about the absent manager, they coerced the guard to open transmission, declaring that they had taken over the government and urged citizens to hit the streets of Freetown.

Following this incident, the soldiers reportedly disappeared into nearby hideouts.

Coincidentally, the assistant manager, Mr. Kalux, who monitors the radio, had recorded the impromptu program. Alarmed by the security guard’s account, Kalux promptly instructed the shutdown of the radio. He contacted the former Manager, David Tam Baryoh, who, in turn, reported the incident to the Inspector General (IG) of Police and the head of the Office of National Security (ONS) in Sierra Leone, forwarding them the recording.

A week later, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) conducted a thorough investigation and issued an official warning to the radio station. Now, 70 days later, the CID has summoned the current Manager, Mr. Alie Bai Kamara, for questioning, raising eyebrows as the radio remains off the air during this period.

The interrogation aims to delve into the details surrounding the November 26th incident, keeping Mr. Kamara in a state of uncertainty regarding his freedom.

The ongoing investigation underscores the gravity of the situation and raises questions about the involvement of Citizen FM 103.7 in the tumultuous events that unfolded on that day in Kissy.